Tax Law

What characterises the tax law is that each year it becomes more complex. At JAUSAS we have a Tax lawyers in Spain team of advisers that stand out for their technical capacity and their versatility. These qualities mark the difference in the projects for our clients.
Company groups

Company groups

  • Planning and design of business structures with their corresponding continued tax counselling, for the purpose of optimising their direct and indirect taxation.
  • Tax counselling and planning of consolidated groups.
  • Counselling in acquisition operations and transfer of companies and business restructuring operations (mergers, split-offs, contributions of activity branch, exchange of securities).
  • Tax audits.
  • Impactof the remunerative policies of executives and employees.
  • Advice on transfer pricing.
  • Tax advice on real estate operations.
  • Tax advice on operations of transfer operations of “patent box” intangible assets.
  • Tax optimisation with innovative products such as cinematographic investments.


  • Tax planning to optimise the taxation at the physical person level (Individual Income Tax, Property Tax).
  • Tax advice on matters of inheritance and donations.
  • Tax planning for the application of the tax benefits of the family company in the Property Tax and on the Inheritance and Donations Tax.

Tax advice of foreign physical persons with equity outside the country who transfer their residence to Spain.

International taxation

International taxation

  • Tax planning of investments and foreign business structures in Spain, as well as investments and business structures of Spanish origin in other countries.
  • Creation of Spanish holding companies (ETVE).
  • Application of treaties to avoid international double taxation.
  • Tax planning of ex-patriots and foreign workers moved to Spain.
Tax inspections and procedures

Tax inspections and procedures

  • Assistance in tax inspections.
  • Assistance before the collection organisations for the processing of instalments and postponements of tax debts.
  • Consultations before the General Tax Directorate.

Administrative, economic-administrative and contentious-administrative appeals