Criminal Law

At JAUSAS we provide legal advice and defense counsel in criminal matters (defense or, when applicable, private accusation) with a high level of specialization in matters of Economic Criminal Law and extensive experience in legal defense of criminal matters before the Court presided over by a single judge and before the Courts. At JAUSAS we offer a comprehensive and personalized legal advice service to all our clients, handling their consultations, advising them and supporting them in the design of legal defense strategies in criminal matters. Our extensive experience in the design and implementation of Criminal Compliance Programs place us as a reference office in the criminal defense of legal persons, their employees and managers.

Knowledge and advice

  • Economic criminal law: Crimes against property, Crimes of punishable insolvencies and uprisings of goods, Corporate crimes, Crimes against public finances and social insurance, Crimes against intellectual and industrial property, Crimes against the market and consumers.
  • Falsification.
  • Crimes against worker’s rights.
  • Crimes against public administration.
  • Criminal and civil protection of the right to honor.