We are a firm that demands the best of each person and we set goals that require us to do better year after year. We believe that a professional can be brilliant technically and, in turn, an innovator and an excellent seeker of opportunities.

We are also committed to a profession that respects the individual and family dimension of each employee. We want great professionals that work to live and not vice versa.

If you share our way of understanding our profession, you have an open door through the selection processes or directly through sending us your application.

What we are looking for

We look for a person with great initiative, who is motivated, capable and responsible, with a commercial vision, who wants to intervene promptly in an active way in the subjects in which he collaborates and who is involved in his team as well as in the rest of the areas.

The commonprofile to all the applicants is that of a graduate in Law, who has an excellent academic record and a high level of languages. We especially value complementary legal training (master's and post-graduate degrees) and prior professional experience.

What do we offer

We are aware of the importance that training has for the personal and professional development of our lawyers. In this regard, we are committed to a wide range of courses and training actions, aimed at perfecting and broadening the technical knowledge and developing the key skills of the entire team.

The training in JAUSAS is personalised (each category has its training priorities), flexible (each one chooses the pace according to his workload) and with a priority (internal and external resources are dedicated and valued at the time of making decisions on promotions).

JAUSAS offers its professionals the possibility of developing a professional career with the aegis and direct support of associates and partners.

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