Family Company

Finding solutions that benefit the whole is a complex task that our professional lawyers for Family Companies in Spain have spent decades undertaking with family companies, given the development of this type of business in some regions that are the origin of our firm. These are the keys that make us specialists in counselling this particular type of companies.
Internal relations

Internal relations

Conflict prevention and management among partners and among them and the managers of the company or business group, by means of:

  • Parasocial agreements, expressed statutorily or in external protocols
  • Mediation and negotiation
  • Planning of the legal-fiscal aspects of the succession and other issues of Inheritance Law
  • Corporate services
External Relations

External Relations

  • Conflict management with third parties outside the company or company group
  • Business organisation and equity management, which encompasses aspects from counselling and restructuring of family business groups to the planning of the realised equity
  • Tax counselling