Competition Law

Our activities in this practice area are focused on matters related to the national and European competition legislation. Our team of competition lawyers in Spain is specialized in the European Union and Competition law, has extensive experience in a wide range of cases that they have brought and defended before the national and European Union competition authorities. Our professionals have also prepared several reports related to the impact of regulation within competitive structures and they have written various studies for the Competition Authorities.


  • Defence of free competition both at Spanish and European Union level, with special emphasis on the abuse of a leading market position, consolidation of companies, as well as on agreements and practices that restrict free competition.
  • Advice regarding the competition legislation in commercial transactions.
  • Notifications of concentrations to Spanish and European Competition Authorities.
  • Advice on internal audits on compliance with Spanish and European Competition Law.
  • Unfair competition issues.
  • Proceedings before the competent anti-trust authorities, and other Spanish and EU authorities.
  • In house training.
  • Impact of existing regulations as regards the competitive structure of companies.